When the good people of Doringkloof decided in 2007 to take matters into their own hands to prevent crime, one of the foundation members took it upon himself to play the role of coordinator.   It was not long before it became impossible for him to be on duty full-time for 24 hours a day.  Another resident then rallied the rest of us and before long we had a schedule going with about 30-plus volunteers doing duty 24/7. Soon we had residents who did one shift a week, while others did just one a month. Some only did morning shifts while others only did shifts over a week-end.   At the same time, some coordinators took up the slack when others were away.   It soon became apparent that the role the coordinators played was one of the major success factors that made the Doringkloof Neighbourhood the success it became.   Interestingly, while some coordinators left after a stint, other residents soon came forward to take their place.   Indeed, for a long time the DNW was never without a whole raft of coordinators to call upon. 


 Unfortunately, over the last year we have started to lose too many coordinators and we have now reached the point where the few coordinators who are available are doing multiple shifts; some even going for almost 18 hours without a break.

It has been shown that the one consistent strong point in our attempt to prevent crime in Doringkloof has been the coordinators.   The collapse of this specific role or part of the DNW, could spell the collapse of the whole neighbourhood watch.  Do not take this too lightly.  All we need is for a few more coordinators to call it a day and then, without the coordinators, the DNW disappears. 


 It is our firm conviction that the majority of Doringkloof residents are behind us in combating crime.   We believe that most residents are also aware that it is our combined efforts that has reduced crime to where we are today.   BUT we need more volunteers to join the coordinator ranks.  The DNW has also prided itself in having residents who come forward to voluntarily support their community.

What does coordinating entail?  Basically is means listening out on the radio during your shift, normally between 6-7 hours during the day or from 20:00 to 07:00 overnight.  Should you become a coordinator, you could volunteer one shift a week, or one a month, or just on week-ends.  You decide!

What is expected of you should a crime be reported?   You call on the residents to respond and then coordinate the action until an on-site coordinator takes over.   Do you have to handle lost dogs?  No, this is not part of your duties.  Do you have to coordinate civic affairs issues?  No, this is not part of your duties.*  

Will I receive training?  Yes – as well as receiving a Coordinator’s Pack that gives you all the information that you need.


You can contribute to the well-being of Doringkloof; to make it a safer place and to give of your time to the community by volunteering.  Send your name and contact details to or just click on reply to this email and it will be forwarded to the ‘Coordinator’ of the coordinators.

Looking forward to you joining our team of volunteer coordinators

The DNW Team