The latest crime statistic affecting Doringkloof recently became available to the DNW Committee.

The committee noted the decrease in crime over the period covered by the report, yet felt that we as a neighbourhood watch could still improve!

–          Although we had some success in apprehending perpetrators, some residents in many areas are still inviting crime because of their lack of preparedness.

–          Patrols are bearing positive results.   However, there is a need for more residents to get involved in patrolling, especially during 11:00-13:00 and especially 02:00-04:00!!!

–          Crime needs to be reported via Radio, not by any other medium and immediately!!   Whatsapp is just too slow, while phoning a friend to report it on the radio is even worse.  Direct, voice to voice contact is the only solution to get a fast reaction out there.

–         When a perpetrator is spotted, maintain a visual without scarring him away, unless imminent danger is feared.    Simultaneously call it in. We want to catch them.   Only an arrest sends out a message to criminals.   The perpetrators who get way not only take your possessions with them but also get to brag how they managed to evade the DNW.

The DNW Committee asked Residents to become more proactive*

–          No cars on the pavement – never!.   It takes 30seconds to lose it.

–          Ensure tracking devices are fitted to your vehicles, motorbikes and even some of your valuable household goods and computer equipment.

–          Lock your motorbikes our of sight.

–          Employ multi-layers of security – secure fencing, beams/sensors and suitable lighting.   Dog too are a deterrent.

–          Respond when your dogs bark, especially at night – why are they barking?

–          Play an active part and get involved with static patrols in your immediate area/block, even if you just sit in your garden, un-observed during the critical period from 02:00 to 04:00, and then just for an hour – listening to and looking at what’s going on around you.



All for One and One for All – Strength in Unity.