It may still only be what we used to call the Michaelmas holidays (for those coming from KZN); but for most of us, we already have our eye on the end of year holidays.   It is therefore time to start making sure that your home in Doringkloof is secure while you are away over December – so here are some ideas to make sure!


Alarm system and battery discharge

During and extended power outage it is likely that the system battery will discharge completely because it is maintaining the system but is not being charged. Frequent power cuts, power surges, cable theft and load shedding all have a detrimental effect on batteries and reduce their lifetime. As mitigation and preventative measures consider the following actions :

  1. Before leaving, have the system, especially the battery, tested by the security company..
  2. Ensure that the low battery radio cut-out module is tested. This module protects the alarm system’s backup battery from being discharged below 10.6, which results in prolonged life of the battery and ensures that it is automatically restored to full load when the charger voltage is restored.
  3. Request that the security company configures the alarm system to send you a system report via SMS every 24 hours at a specific time.
  4. Define a suitable low risk period, disconnect the mains power and allow the battery to discharge so that the responses from the security company can be evaluated/confirmed. Typical responses are :
  5. A “battery low” SMS message will be sent when the power supply battery voltage drops below a certain voltage.
  6. A “battery OK” SMS will be sent when the battery is charged and the voltage stabilizes above a certain voltage.
  7. A “mains failed” SMS will be sent to all programmed cellular phones when the mains power is disconnected from the panel.
  8. A “mains restored” SMS will be sent when mains power has been restored and has been stable for 5 minutes.
  9. Consider installing a solar powered charger. Typical kits include the solar panel, a mounting unit, a 102Ah battery and a charge controller. About R5.000-00.
  10. If the battery is a 7Ah, consider replacing it with a 9Ah or even a 12Ah battery.
  11. Connect two batteries in parallel but first test if the charger can handle the extra load and whether it is capable of fully charging both batteries.
  12. Consider installing an alarm standby battery extender. This is a 5 Amp 12 VDC backup switch mode power supply that, when connected to the alarm’s battery, ensures maximum uptime of the battery.

Additional suggestions :

  1. a) Add additional persons (key holders) to the list of contact persons at your security company.
  2. b) Provide specific persons with a power of attorney to act on your behalf while you are away. A pro forma of such a document will soon be available on our website
  3. c) Make sure that your property is added to the DNW “Watch list” for the period that you are away. To do this send an e-mail to either or Provide dates of the period away and contact numbers of persons who can be contacted in emergencies.


Tracking your trip

Install WhatsApp on your cell phone, activate live tracking and link to a person or persons who can track your trip. If, for example, your vehicle is static when it should be moving, pre-agreed actions can be taken quickly.

The information provided here is done so in good faith and it does not constitute professional advice. Electrical systems vary from one installation to the next and the use of or reliance placed on any of the provided information is at the user’s sole risk. The DNW will not be liable for any losses, injuries or damages suffered as a result of applying any information contained in this document.