Patrollers in Action

The words “Christmas Shopping” has been in used with the DNW for many years now and refers to the few months just before the Christmas holidays where there is a spike in crime.  Indeed, our statistics show this as fact.

To counter this spike in crime the DNW would like to bring the following to your urgent attention and encourage you to be part of the solution:

  1. Crime that is normally experienced during the “Christmas Shopping” spree is an increase in burglaries. This means an increase in scouting as well   Lately burglaries have occurred mainly during the day with the period from about 11:00 to 13:30 and again 16:00 to 19:45 being the most popular times.  Scouting can of course occur at any time.
  2. At the same time, the “bos-slapers” are also eager to go home for their Christmas break and so we see a spike in wall jumpers during the grave yard shift, i.e. from about 02:00 to 05:30.  (See below for more information!)

To counter this trend, the DNW has initiated the following:

  1. Sent out a News Bulletin reminding residents of what they can personally do to safe guard their residence over the period, especially if they are planning to go away for Christmas.
  2. Developed a Festive Season Safety Plan for Doringkloof that we as residents can get involved in to counter the expected increase in crime during the festive season. Much if this plan involves patrolling – where we as residents can get involved. 

Further to the above, we also we urge all residents to re-act if they hear any unusual noises at night.  If you wake up to dogs barking for no reason, a noise of something being knocked over, or even the sound of feet hitting the ground when someone jumps over the wall, then get up, check your property from a dark room and immediately call in on the radio if you see an intruder on your property.


At the same time, we ask residents to keep their radios charged and on during the night (volume turned down so that you can still softly hear any transmission without being shocked awake).  And if you hear that a intruder has been seen jumping walls, then please get up, go out to the nearest street corner to the scene of the crime.  From there, await further instructions from the on-site coordinator.

In the same breath, we ask resident not to proceed to the scene of the crime.  By law we are not allowed to enter a crime scene unless authorised to do so by the SAPS.  Experience has shown that this lack of discipline on the public’s part has often destroyed the crime scene for the detectives that must do the follow-up work.


Finally, the DNW needs more residents to volunteer as patrollers, both day and night over the next few months.  If all of us volunteer just one hour a week we will make it over the Christmas period with ease.  We are not asking you to confront any criminals – what we are asking is that you make the DNW’s presence felt in Doringkloof.   Should you come across a crime or related incident during your patrol there will be those who are trained to respond, together with the SAPS.  All that is then expected of you is to inform the coordinator of what you see.   In other word, you just remain an observer.


The DNW is planning a fund raiser in Jansen Park on 1 December 2018. More details to follow.  Meanwhile please book this date.

DNW Team