The DNW team would like to which all our residents a Blessed Christmas and a crime free 2019.



We, the DNW Team, are urgently looking for two people, possibly men, residing in Doringkloof with either the name of ‘Iemand’ and/or ‘Somebody’.  What puzzles us is that so often lately we hear on the radio someone reporting something suspicious and asking the coordinator to send one of these two people to come and check out the suspicious whatever!   And indeed, sometimes even the coordinator may ask for one of them to respond.

Unfortunately, to date neither of these two gentlemen has responded and so we are urgently asking residents to let us know if you have any knowledge of them.  If they are members of the DNW we would like encourage them to respond, for so far very few of the other residents are responding to calls to check out the suspicious whatever’s.

The DNW’s information leaflet, part of which is copied below, might help us understand why we are so urgently looking for them:

Basic Steps to Crime Prevention

Step 1 involves residents taking responsibility for their own security. This can include fencing the property, installing outside lights, installing proper locks, installing an alarm system and/or detection beams and having suitable dogs.

Step 2 is where immediate neighbours support each other. Here neighbours initially contact each other, exchange contact details, etc. Thereafter, if a crime is suspected, neighbours are expected to come to the immediate support of each other. This level will often involve checking each other’s properties, or helping to search the road outside for potential criminals/suspicious persons or vehicles.

Step 3 is where members of the DNW come to the aid of any resident who reports an actual crime-in-progress. At this point, the coordinator will get actively involved, calling on other residents to assist, and/or phoning the SAPS.

In support of this approach the following pro-active actions are taken:

  1. Monitoring and recording the movement of suspicious characters and vehicles. This allows residents to be made aware of any potential crime that may affect them and it sends out a message to possible criminals that the residents are aware of them.
  2. Patrolling. One of the most effective means of preventing crime is to create a visible presence on the ground. The criminals must know that they may be observed and if caught in the act, they will be arrested by a resident (ito Criminal Procedures Act, Act 55 of 1977).



This past month has seen us in Doringkloof getting hammered by criminals – not a day passes without some news of another person becoming a victim of crime.

If we are to stop this trend and turn things around we, as residents and neighbours, need to take action.  Giving a description of a suspicious person from the lounge window does not prevent crime.  But going out and talking to the suspicious person or letting the driver of a suspicious vehicle know that they have been observed when he or she sees you with the radio does send out a message – “we are onto you.”   Even letting the suspicious person know that he has been seen by going out into the street with your radio sends a message to any potential criminal.

In addition, after more than 11 years with the DNW we have not yet has a pedestrian attack someone with a radio politely asking whether they can help him.  In 99% of the cases the person has an excuse as to why he or she is there but once politely spoken to, they know we are watching people out in the streets.   (Keep contact with the coordinator all the time as well.)

So, from now on, it is not necessary to call on ‘Iemand’ or ‘Somebody’ to come and check out a suspicious person.  If you are not happy to go out on your own, call your neighbour and go out together and – remember there is no need to be confrontational – ask whether you can help him or her find whatever it is what they are looking for.  If they do not have a real reason to be hanging out there they soon move off.

Let’s make Doringkloof safe again!

DNW Team