Those residents who have been listening on the radio and following the most recent trends will have noticed that the “Pre-Christmas Shopping” appears to be in full swing.  Over the last week or so we have had numerous break-ins during the early mornings, anything from 02:30 to 04:45.  The latest incident actually took place while many residents were already up and starting their day.

In response to this wave of crime, we appeal to all our members to react if you hear any unusual noises, especially from any time after 02:30 in the morning.  (Yes, unfortunately it may mean that you have to get up.)

Unusual noises are sudden unexplained bangs or scrapping noises, dogs barking for no apparent reason or even the hadeda calling while it is still dark.

If you do hear any unusual noise, cautiously inspect the reason for the noise.  If you suspect a burglar in the house do not rush into the room.  Listen and once sure that there might be someone there, call on the radio for a response, stating your address.  (The sound of your voice should frighten the intruder off.)

If you suspect the intruder is in the garden, then look out through a window from a dark room and again if you see an intruder – call on the radio immediately.



If you are not the victim of a crime but hear that your neighbour or even someone else in Doringkloof is possibly a victim calling on the radio, PLEASE do not roll over, thankful that you are not the victim, and go back to sleep.

Get up, put something on over your pyjamas, grab your other radio and proceed to the street corner nearest the crime scene.

Talking of participation; we as a neighbourhood watch are not “a-sort-of” security company.  We are a band of residents who have resolved to support each other in combating crime.     If you are member of the DNW (i.e. you own a registered radio), it’s not a case of let them combat crime, but let us together combat crime!

We rely on everyone playing their part.  So if you hear your fellow resident is in trouble, go out and support them.

Finally, patrolling is the best counter to crime – so we ask that as many as possible join those who regularly go out on patrol.  As a patroller you are not expected to catch the criminal but only to observe.  Should you see a crime about to be committed or being committed, then all we ask is that you call the coordinator, who will mobilise those who are trained to apprehend criminals.



We, in Doringkloof are fortunate in having two security companies who have offered to assist us in combating crime.  However, their primary commitment is to their clients who are paying for their services.  Their assistance to the DNW is purely voluntary.   May we therefore suggest that if you, as a resident who are not a client of either security company, and you call on them for assistance, that you then pay them for the service rendered.  This is only the right thing to do!



Residents are reminded to book the 21 November 2019 at 18:30 in the Doornkloof Family Church.  Important issues will be discussed that may affect you personally.

One of the main issues that will be discussed is the proposed Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch Constitution.  This might affect your continued membership of the DNW.  Please go to where you can read the proposed constitutions.

QUESTION:  Why pay a security company more than R277 per month while you can get the same service from the DNW with only having to pay the annual radio licence fee of R50 (with some residents not even paying this).  We need to change this!  Should we not charge a higher membership fee (to pay for the bullet-proof vests, etc.) or should we change our approach as to how we do things?  You decide!

DNW Team