DNW committee every now and then organises regular patrols in Doringkloof to prevent any potential criminal activity.   The idea with a mass patrol is therefore to create maximum visibility.

On Thursday 15 November, the DNW is launching its 2018 Festive Season Safety Plan with a mass patrol involving all of us as residents.

The mass patrol starts at 17:30 and lasts till 19:30. 

The mass patrol consists of three types of participants; 1.)  Those who will drive around Doringkloof in DNW marked vehicles, 2.)  Those who will stand at selected spots in their reflective vests and 3.)  Those who will stand at their gates, also in reflective vests.    Everyone will be on Channel 1, so please call in when you go on and again off duty.

If at all possible, try to give at least 30 – 60 minutes of your time to participate.

Further mass patrols are planned as part of the Festive Season Safety Plan to making Doringkloof a safer place.  (Participating is also a marvellous way of meeting other Doringkloof residents.)


On Monday evening a historic meeting was held in Doringkloof.    This was the final DRA Committee meeting under the old 2007 constitution.   On Wednesday 21 November 2018 we would like to see all our residents gather at the NG Family Church in Leonie St at 19:00 (7:00pm) for the Special General Meeting, where we as residents will be asked to approve the two new constitutions, the one for the DRA and the one for the DNW.

At the meeting you will be asked to give your approval to allow the two associations to act on your behalf; the DRA in making Doringkloof the ideal suburb to live, work and play in; and the DNW in making Doringkloof a safe place to live, work and play in.

Residents are invited to go to where you can read the final versions of the two constitutions as well as the cooperative agreement between the DRA and DNW.    It might be important to note that time will not allow us to go through both constitutions in details during the meeting.  However, the code of conduct and membership of the DNW will come up.  It is important that we as residents take careful note of these two aspects as they may affect you – so please be there.

At the same time the DNW members will be asked to vote in a new DNW Committee to manage our efforts in making Doringkloof safe.


A Festive Market is being planned for 1 December in Jansen Park from 09:00 till 14:00.  Reports received so far all indicate that this should be a bumper market.  Most of the stands to put up a stall have gone – so climb in fast if you still want to be a part of the market.

For the rest of us, diarize the date and make this the place where you buy all those gifts that you usually give at Christmas time to your relatives and friends.


DNW Team