Yesterday (24 February 2014) Ridgebacks, at the corner of South St and Jean Ave, was robbed by seven men in two vehicles, a rust-brown Kia Sorento (not Hyundai i35) with registration plates: CL 52 RD GP. The driver was a big black male,with a white shirt and black trousers.  The other vehicle used was a Toyota Hi Lux bakkie (not Isuzu).  The number plates were illegal as they did not show up on the camera.   The rest of the robbers were wearing black leather jackets and black trousers.
Although the robbery did not strictly occur in Doringkloof, we can learn valuable lessons from the incident:
1.    The fact that the robbery occurred so close could mean that they have started to move south from Lyttelton, a suburb that has seen many robberies lately.   We can counter this move by being vigilant and calling in suspicious vehicles, especially the two already mentioned.  However, remember that most robberies are committed using stolen vehicles so it is not sure that the same vehicles will be seen in the area again.
2.    Just reporting a suspicious vehicle means very little.   Once a suspicious vehicle has been called in,we need to track it.  This means that residents have to cooperate and go out and check whether the vehicle has seen in their street.  Once we get used to doing this we will see how easy it is.   Tracking a vehicle will give us valuable information, i.e. not only will we be able to determine which area the scouts are interested in, but once we determine that they are truly suspicious we can mobilise and follow them.  The criminals will soon realise that they have been spotted.  So far we have found this to be the best counter to crime yet.
3.    Unless you are trained and are willing to confront armed criminals, we advise that we restrict our involvement to throwing a perimeter around the scene of the incident so as to assist the police in localising the criminals movement or escape route. 
News has also reached us that people in Lyttelton East has been robbed by two men in a red Bantam bakkie.  Please look out for this vehicle and call on the radio is spotted.  (No further information).  A hijacking occurred this morning at the N14/Jean Ave off-ramp.  Two armed hijackers on foot where involved.