Dear Doringklovians*,


22 Feb 2016:    A drug deal reported in Dahlia Ave.

24 Feb 2016:    A burglary occurred during the course of the afternoon where items were stolen from the garden.

25 Feb 2016:    An attempted burglary occurred in Sonja St during the early hours of the morning.  Nothing was taken.

29 Feb 2016:    A burglary took place in Louise St.

01 Mar 2016:    A drug deal took place in Zambezi Ave.

02 Mar 2016:    A burglary took place in Jasper St at about midday.  Another burglary was reported in Palala Ave early in the morning.

03 Mar 2016:    Another drug deal took place in Zambezi Ave.

The fact that burglaries were the only crimes that were reported (apart from the drug deals) during the two weeks indicates that scouting is taking place.   Many residents are reporting suspicious persons or vehicles over the radio, but very little is done to ensure that these scouts know that they are being monitored.  Visible patrols during the day are required, as well as the passive confrontation of suspicious persons needs to take place.

Residents are again warned that vehicle theft is taking place on a large scale in Centurion.  Hotspots are still the outside parking at Unitas Hospital (please park inside the hospital grounds) as well as outside the two high schools between Clifton and Selbourne Ave.

Note:  A burglary is where suspects steal from a property while the owners are not present.  A robbery is where the owners are present and are threatened with violence.  This can also include a mugging where violence is used.  When reporting please specify what it is, a burglary or a robbery.  We need to make sure that we know what we as a neighbourhood watch are dealing with.  For example, if you report that a robbery is taking place at your neighbours house, the DNW will react differently than if it were a burglary, while the SAPS treats a robbery in progress as a priority crime.   The difference could mean a life or death situation.  Thanks for your understanding.


Radio Usage Policy

Adopted at DRA Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 28 August 2012 at 19:00.

1.       The DNW radio system is primarily for the combating of crime and shall enjoy precedence over all other transmissions.

2.       The radio may be used for communicating community messages providing these are kept to a minimum and are of a short duration.  Community messages will only be permitted during daytime and refer to missing animals, electricity outages, water leakages and serious medical issues or accidents.  General community announcements are only permitted with the approval of the DRA Committee chairperson.

3.       The radio is not to be used for any personal communication between two individuals, however short.  Individuals are requested to use the available telephone systems.

4.       Only crime related and dire emergency messages (i.e. emergencies involving life and death situations) may be transmitted between 20h00 and 06h00.

5.       Transmissions must be kept as short as possible, and for not more than three seconds at a time.  This will allow others who have an urgent need to transmit a messages a chance to get their message through.

6.       Users are to avoid offensive language, either by the use of offensive words or rudeness to others.

7.       Users are requested to stick to facts during their transmission and to avoid giving their opinions and other non-essential details, especially while an incident is being dealt with.

8.       Users are asked not to repeat any message that has just been transmitted except where another member specifically asks for a repeat.

9.       Channel 3 is the designated operations channel and those affected will be asked to re-channel whenever necessary by the tactical or onsite coordinator

10.    Channel 7 may be used for non-essential communication if this is the only way to communicate.

11.    Channel 5 is to be used should the repeater fail.  In this case the coordinator will advise residents to re-channel to the new channel and to return to Channel 1 whenever the normal operation of the repeater is restored.



DNW Team

* Doringklovians (Eng) = Doringklowers (Afr)