DKC support during 2022 /2023, was filled with love and compassion for our community. Time and again, we’ve seen that God brings that promised hope and strength to people through people like you.

Life brings challenges to us all. Our response has lifted the spirits of many going through trials, both emotionally, mentally, and physically.

A few excerpts from our group:

Dear Care!

You are such wonderful people. May God always bless your Labours of Love. I was astounded to find 2 beautiful orchid sprays on my gate yesterday morning and eventually discovered they came from you! You made my day…I could feel the love and care towards fellow men. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my beautiful flowers now “pronking” in a vase in my lounge!  God will take care of you and bless you always!

Please, please consider my cooking with meal support

Will even take orders 🥴🥰🤣


🌺thank you so much we really appreciate all the help I received the voucher. I really would never have expected so much help from anyone, it really means a lot to all of us💖


There is a single young mom in need of assistance for urgent and important medication regarding Mental health.


Good morning carers, a senior citizen has injured her foot quite badly and had to have 15 stitches. The cost is R1500 which is rather steep. If anyone can assist /contribute towards the cost, we will appreciate it.


Good morning

I am away from work and my son just told me that his cat came back this morning with a large scratch. He needs to be at Lakeside Vet by 12:15 today.

I know it’s much to ask but does anyone have a car carrier to lend him? Just until after the visit. He needs to take a walk with the cat to Lakeside Vet in Jean


Only If anyone is going out please could they buy me 2 x bags of ice – I will pay – my gate motor is about to stop if it hasn’t already 🤷‍♀️I don’t want to go out and get stuck outside 😫 I just want to put it in my freezer as the meat it now defrosting 🥺- much appreciated 🙏please don’t make a special trip only if you are going out – 🥰


Good afternoon, Carers. Is there someone with an English bible that is prepared to donate the bible to someone in need of a bible?


CENTURION BRANCH IS IN DESPERATE NEED OF FOOD.  We know times are hard for everybody but these cats and dogs have been abandoned by humans.  Please please any donation of food is welcome.



Pamella van den Bergh

Doringkloof Care Team