The new DNW had its first meeting where the portfolios were discussed, and we are pleased to announce the committee and their portfolios:

Brett Armstrong                                                          Chairman

Gerhard Prinsloo                                                       Vice-chairman

Communication (Marketing and PR)                       Daniela Strydom

Compliance and Legal                                              Isa Vorster

Coordinators                                                             Ingrid Grobbelaar

Crime Intelligence                                                    David Labuschagne

Finance                                                                    Gerhard Prinsloo

Patrollers/ Fencing                                                  Brett Armstrong

Projects                                                                   Phillie Jansen van Vuuren &

Mollie Kruger

Secretariat and Training                                          Maryke Kruger

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the members and wish them well for the year ahead.

The DNW Team