This roll is to honour thouse citizens the made a hugh impact on the Doringkloof Neighbourhood.


Lawrence Meyer 29 August 2016

Dear Lawrence


Our Tracking group been helping SAPS and our own guys (24/7/365) by tracking the approximate position of stolen cell phones. This increases the effectiveness of their searching immensely and inevitably, arrests must follow, as we had recently:

·         27 July 20h10: SAPS requested help … a person was stuck in a minibus, with threats of a shooting. After plotting the movement, SAPS intercepted the taxi at 21h00 and a suspect was arrested.

·         10 August, 13h28: SAPS called for help on a cell number on N1/N4 intersection, after a few pointers, SAPS found the person with the phone at 13h50 (we don’t have details of the incident) an effective closure to their request for help.

Although the cell tracking group normally handles tracking as a team, your sole efforts on these occasions directly lead to the two interceptions.

In my view such selfless “backroom heroics” make DNW great!

Yours faithfully