Good afternoon Friends

We had a wonderful hike in Rietvlei Nature Reserve on Saturday morning, guided by Natalie Vos who is now the Functional Head of Rietvlei.  There were 26 people and it was really great to meet new people who love nature.  Rietvlei is looking beautiful after some rain – all the burnt areas are greening up and the animals are loving it. We saw some pretty flowers popping up too.  We had a great sighting of 5 rhinos at rather close quarters, which was very special.  It was lovely to see 2 big tortoises too.  From one extreme to the other!  Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this such a fun morning.

Work parties:

We are scheduled to do some litter pickups on the following days:

Saturday 6th November 8h00 – 10h00 meeting on Zambezi street Bridge

Saturday 4th December 8h00 – 10h00 meeting on Karin street bridge

Please join us.


Do you want to be a bushwhacker??

Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch (DNW) has been hard at work with the “bushwhacking” team cutting alien vegetation along boundary walls and in the spruit area, with the help of some Friends of Doringkloof Spruit and always with the permission from Nature Conservation.  There are usually 2 or 3 chainsaws involved which helps a lot, and people to help paint on herbicide and drag the cut branches to accessible places.  I am very grateful to all these hard workers.  The area below Karin Street Bridge towards the N1 highway is looking amazing – take a walk down there and see for yourself.


We need more manpower so we can have some different teams working while others can have some time off.

If you can assist in any way, please let me know.

Spraying herbicide with a knapsack sprayer (we have 2 that can be used)

Brush cutting on bridges

Help with tree cutting/dragging

We need to do a lot of work until Nature Conservation is running at full strength again.  The rain has started so the vegetation growth will take off now.

Please help us!  We really want the spruit to be beautiful this summer.

 Kind regards


083 727 1024