Good evening, Friends

Autumn is showing itself in the spruit and in our gardens these days.  It is a wonderful time to enjoy a walk in nature.

I have attached some recent work party collages.  The fence cleaning has been very successful, and it really makes a difference to see the fences cared for, especially on the main roads into Doringkloof.  Well done to all who have assisted with this mission!

March 4th, 2023:  clearing Jasper street bridge fences:  thank you to Astrid, Maryke, Chris, Carol and Charles

April 1st, 2023: clearing Karin Street bridge fences: thank you to Jenni, Precious, Matt, and Mollie.

I don’t think I showed photos from the bird-watching afternoon in February.  It was a lovely time, and a bit of rain did not deter us.

I am grateful to the Neighbourhood Watch guys who regularly patrol the spruit and the boundary fences along the N1 highway and Botha Avenue, keeping the fence intact and repairing them when necessary. Brett was rewarded with a beautiful hedgehog sighting near Botha Avenue one night!

May you all have a great week, and if you are traveling on holiday, drive safely and enjoy nature in your holiday spot!

Warm regards