Hello Friends

It seems amazing that we are at the end of the year, and what a year!  I think crazy is the new norm now and we must adapt.

So it is with gratitude that I write this last Friends letter to you all and to say a big thank you to my committee for doing a sterling job in the Doringkloof Spruit with the few resources that we have. Well done!


Our last litter collection for the year was last Saturday 4th December.  Thank you to my little team of helpers (team of little helpers?), Astrid and her girls, for making the effort.  All this wonderful rain brings lots of litter with it, and we spent the time picking up a lot of polystyrene( 8 bags full) above Jasper Street Bridge.

Marcus was busy in the meantime cutting vegetation along the boundary wall below Limpopo Street Bridge. Jon came to help as well and a huge amount of bush was cleared.  This is necessary for security purposes – to keep sight lines open along the walls.  It is looking great up there – you must take a walk from Jasper bridge to Limpopo bridge and have a look for yourselves.  Thank you Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch for all the effort, time, and money spent in making the spruit a safe place.

The grass is getting long in the spruit now.  The guinea fowls are enjoying it though – we have never had resident guinea fowls in the spruit before, and I am really enjoying hearing them in the mornings and evenings.

Nature Conservation have their hands tied until Tshwane get themselves sorted out.  Mike is doing his best to try and secure a tractor to cut the grass in the spruit as soon as possible.

To end off I think it is fitting to include a short article from our out-going committee member, Margie Rutsch.  I think she sums up “life in the spruit” very well.  Thank you Margie, we will always value your contribution to Friends of Doringkloof Spruit.


Have a safe, relaxing and blessed holiday season everyone!