Dear Residents

This letter is rather important to the future of Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch (DNW).

Please read it to the end.

DNW has become aware of several allegations against the DNW committee, from 3 diverse sources. These allegations contain similar language, suggesting the “allegers” are communicating or consorting.  These allegations have “traveled by tongue”, not been communicated formally to DNW.

The allegations cover ‘corruption’, ‘spending without authorisation’, irregular decision-making, and contain veiled threats (‘we got stuff’, ‘we will sort this out at the AGM’).

Now bear in mind:

-These “allegers” know how to contact the DNW committee yet have not laid complaints.

-They say they “have evidence”, yet have not tabled it with their complaint

-They know they can escalate such allegations past DNW to LT CPSF2, yet they have not.

-They can lay ‘corruption’ charges at SAPS yet have not.

They have all failed to do the same thing, which again suggests these allegers are consorting

The trend above suggests their main objective is to bring the DNW committee into disrepute.

Please understand this is critical. The oil of DNW’s engine is trust. Without it, we’re done.

Merely from a management point of view, DNW cannot “become aware” of allegations, but fail to act. We have therefore confronted these “allegers” individually in writing, laying out their allegations, and our responses.

In our response, we have requested evidence, provided DNW records (i.e., minutes of meetings, procedures, financial statements, reporting etc) that would help them either clear the allegations or table evidence that may assist the DNW committee to act speedily. We have escalated all our confrontation/response and ensuing comms between DNW and allegers to LT CPSF2, and are in regular communication with them, seeking advice, etc.

Our objective is to act with diligence to resolve the issue immediately, transparently, and honestly.

This is our duty as public representatives. Handling it any other way would undermine the goodwill and trust in DNW that keeps us all safe.

Now, this is revealed, we ask for your help, and this is critical.

If you learn of allegations (‘corruption’, ‘spending without authorisation’, ‘irregular decision-making’, veiled threats) against DNW, please ask the accuser/s themselves to immediately table their allegation/evidence or complaint to DNW, or Lyttelton CPSF 2, or lay charges at SAPS…. because not doing so undermines trust within DNW, undermines participation, undermines the safety of all in Doringkloof.


Kind regards

Marcus Dekenah (083 306 1771)

NHD Elec. Eng (HC), M Dip.Tech. Eng, Bsc Elec Eng (Cum Laude), MBLII

(Chair) Doringkloof Neighborhood Watch