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Neighbourhoods with the highest broadband speeds — including one unexpected area

This analysis is based on 600,000 speed test results collected through MyBroadband’s speed test app between 22 August 2021 and 22 November 2021.

The download speed, upload speed, and latency of the user’s broadband connection are tested during these tests.

MyBroadband’s speed test servers are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban to ensure a neutral testing environment.

The data samples were processed to ensure that multiple tests from a single user did not skew the results.

The average performance was then calculated for each neighbourhood, and we applied a threshold to ensure a large enough sample size.

The results showed that Gauteng remains at the top when it comes to the fastest average broadband speeds. Nine of the top 10 neighbourhoods were in this province.

The fastest average download speed was measured in Doringkloof in Centurion, at 90Mbps. Bromhof and Linden in Johannesburg rounded out the top three, at 84Mbps and 76Mbps, respectively.

A big surprise was Cloetesville in Stellenbosch — the only non-Gauteng neighbourhood in the top 10.

Cloetesville was developed as a township for coloured people in the sixties and remained a less affluent area than neighbouring Stellenbosch.

A quick check on various ISP coverage maps shows that Frogfoot has rolled out fibre along some streets in Cloetesville, and that Telkom DSL and fixed LTE is available in the area.

The table below shows the average download and upload speeds of the top neighbourhoods in South Africa.

Top Mobile Broadband Neighbourhoods in South Africa
Neighbourhood Download Speed (Mbps) Upload Speed (Mbps)
Doringkloof 89.57 58.47
Bromhof 83.85 66.10
Linden 75.69 44.14
Meyersdal 73.11 46.82
Rant-En-Dal 64.63 46.55
Bonaero Park 59.45 54.01
Bryanston 57.47 48.13
Cloetesville 57.14 38.69
Zwartkop 56.25 39.42
Greenhills 56.16 46.49