Good day Friends

We had a great turnout on Saturday 11th November for the big Doringkloof clean-up on the corner of Limpopo and Botha Avenue.  As the main entrance to both Doringkloof and Lyttelton, the mess was not very welcoming.

Twenty-three residents from Lyttleton and Doringkloof joined us so we could split the crowd into three groups.

One group cleaned up the corner of Limpopo/Botha.

Another group went down the spruit from Limpopo to Jasper Bridge.

Marcus borrowed a large trailer to ferry the filled bags to the skip we hired, making it a much easier job.  2 full trailer loads came from this area.

Maryke, Molly, Stefan, and Deneesher tackled the litter at Glover Bridge and collected 18 bags between them!

We shared the cost of the large skip with the DRA and arranged with the street captains to get the street bins emptied, and these were then also carted off the skip.  Thanks to Marcus, Ben, Brett, and Stefan for doing this.

As you can see in the pictures the 6m³ skip was filled to capacity.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who joined us and made a big effort to clean up the spruit and Doringkloof streets.



Moonlight meander in the spruit (weather permitting)

Saturday 25TH November @18h30 till about 18h30

Meet at the bird hide off Glover Bridge.

Parking will be available.

Please bring torches.

Dogs on leads welcome.


Have a great day.