Doringkloof residents will have noticed that our 6 bridges and adjacent sections of the Spruit were magically manicured over the Christmas period.

You are doubtless aware that Tshwane Nature conservation has had temporary difficulties on this score, leaving these areas unmanaged.

A joint effort was thus mounted between FODS, DNW, and residents to restore some pride and safety:

  • The grass on bridges was cut.
  • Entrances and their approaches adjacent to bridges were “opened” out.
  • Strips alongside fences and embankments were cleared.
  • The grass was cut around noticeboards, bins,  benches, and bird-hide.

The picture shows (L-R) Glover, Jasper, Zambesi, Sonja, Karin, and Koranna bridges, after their Xmas clean-up.

In the process, a large number of frogs were forced to flee and copious amounts of empty bottles were discovered.

Why do this?

  • Because well-kept public areas are an asset… it raises the value of all our properties.
  • Because residents will tend to exercise and relax in natural areas when they feel safe.
  • Because every sight-line we clear make it harder for criminals to operate.
  • Because we want to keep our DNW night-time patrollers to be safe in these areas, or they won’t keep us safe.

Thank you to Friends of Doringkloof Spruit (FODS) for their Brush-cutter, to DNW for fuel, and to the residents (Garth, Hanno, Marcus, Ryno, Wiehan) for their efforts! Participation makes Doringkloof safer for all.

-DNW Chair

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