Residents may be aware the Alley alongside Jean Ave bridge is patrolled regularly for signs of criminal activity.

This area can harbor crime—most notably cable theft.

Recently patrollers noted signs of movement. The area had become overgrown. Cable thieves used this as cover and had dug 4 deep holes (to steal Telkom cable) and lifted manhole covers. It was time to act.

Koranna street residents held a cleanup and DNW bushwhackers joined in.

The alley was cleared of all undergrowth and overhanging branches. Residents refilled the holes and replaced the manhole covers.

The alley is now safe to access and control…it has clear sightlines from spruit to the highway.

Many thanks to Manette, Gerhard, Tertius, Llewellyn, Phillie, Stefan, Janet, Ken, Georgie & son, Pam, employees, and grandchildren who came to help make Doringkloof a better place for all!

Well done!