Good morning, Friends

Autumn is here in full swing, and I am enjoying the lovely colours in the spruit.  There has already been some frost in the early mornings.

The sunsets these last few days have been spectacular – the whole western sky is washed in orange and yellow.

The guinea fowls are around most days – we see them often near Karin Street bridge and Glover Street bridge, even sitting in our very tall evergreen oak tree!  Brett, from neighbourhood watch, bumped into a porcupine near the bird hide last week, while on very early morning patrol, which gave him a huge fright!


The Doringkloof nature area is looking lovely now.  The fields have had their last mow before winter and some fire breaks have been cut across the spruit in some places.  And the rubbish bins have been painted!  A big thanks to Mike from Nature Conservation for rallying his (diminished) troops this way to get these jobs done.


All of this is to invite you to join us on a walk in the spruit this Saturday 4th June and enjoy the Doringkloof Spruit.  Bring your camera.

We will leave from the bird hide at 15h30 and walk for about 1 ½ hours, but you are welcome to peel off at any time.

Parking is available in the field off Glover Street Bridge.

Dogs on leads are welcome.


If you would like to be on the FoDS WhatsApp group, please let me know.



(Chairperson Friends of Doringkloof Spruit)

082 727 1024