📢 DNW Communication📢

29 August 2022

Dear Resident

With the festive shopping about to start, PLEASE TAKE NOTE of the following:

❗️WHEELIE BINS: printed stickers look neat and great, but can be removed, so too all evidence needed by SAPS.

❗️Support your working neighbours. Take care of their bins till they are back home.

❗️ KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOUR, their animals, cars and daily movement.

❗️Call in with your radio for any suspicious activity.

❗️ MOTORBIKE/BAKKIE SYNDICATES.  Seriously at work in Doringkloof.

❗️Park these items out of sight. Bolt motorbikes with chains down to the garage floor or wall.

❗️ SLIDING GATES/GATE MOTORS: secure with proper anti-theft brackets and out of sight to avoid tampering.

❗️ SECURITY BEGINS within your own home with a secure perimeter fence.

❗️ LASTLY, become part of the neighbourhood, buy a radio, see that the battery is charged at all times

❗️ USE YOUR RADIO FOR CRIME in progress. WhatsApp’s too slow.


❗️Do the right thing, get involved.

❗️Together we can make a difference to make DORINGKLOOF A SAFE and BETTER PLACE FOR ALL


SOMETHING TO REMEMBER Who is going to do it if I don’t? Let somebody else do it. Like who? Anybody! Anybody could do it but nobody does. So everybody is complaining because nobody did what anybody could have done, OR should have done!