NEWS UP DATE 6 May 2015


After a few weeks of almost no crime reported in Doringkloof, the news is that the criminals are back.  Burglaries are the NUMBER ONE crime at the moment.  The modus operandi is for the burglars (usually three) to drive around the suburb seeking their targets.  They then stop at their victims’ property where one will get out and ring the bell.  If no answer, the gate is LIFTED OFF the RAIL and once inside, they force an entry into the house by breaking open the security doors or otherwise through a window.


This was witnessed this past week .  When the resident answered the gate bell, the thief casually asked where a certain street was.   They then moved on to target No 2.   Here there was no answer to their ringing and in they went.  Now a resident in Outeniqua Ave is minus his TV and other valuable belongings.


The second most prevalent crime is either theft of vehicles off the pavement or theft out of a vehicle left on the pavement.     Please – if you have visitors invite them to park inside your property even if they are coming in for just a moment.  Indeed, vehicles parked on the pavement invite criminals into our suburb, thus increasing our crime rate.   Vehicles on the pavement are easy pickings, not only for professional car thieves but also casual passers-by wandering our streets. If you do not have space in your garden, then employ someone to guard the vehicle parked on the street.  You can do this by approaching the guard at Cherry Berry and ask for contact details.




Please check your gate ASAP – to see whether it can be lifted off the rail.   In almost every successful burglary, the burglars achieved entry by opening the gate once it has been lifted off the rail. if your gate can be lifted off the rail get it fixed now.


Please help the rest of us by reporting any suspicious vehicle, whether you are sure of the make or not, or even of the registration number.   Once it has been reported over the radio, let the rest of us track the vehicle (go out into the street and check up and down whether it is in your street) and if we realise the occupants are up to no good, we can stop them and invite then for an extended stay in a government hotel, all expenses paid.


Please do not ignore a stranger ringing the doorbell and asking nonsensical questions, such as directions, or for an address.   Call in the incident, mentioning the car if one is involved, a description of the individual, plus where he or she went after leaving you.




WE have been informed that Rand Water Board is planning lay a large pipe along Leonie/Limpopo Streets.   If you wish to know more about this or register as an affected party you can see the details on our webpage .