A bad week for criminals

Last week was a bad week for criminals in Doringkloof.
First we had a break-in in Bashee Street. The criminal managed to get his Avis rental car stuck on some building sand, but still proceeded to commit his crime. When the time came to flee, he had no choice but to make a run for it. That didn't end well for him and he ended up taking a ride in the police van. Well done to the security company that apprehended him.

Then we had some great success catching five cable thieves in the early hours of Tuesday morning. They were first noticed when a resident near the Jean Avenue bridge investigated why his dogs were barking. Another resident then tracked them on the CCTV camera network and followed them as they circled the Maroela/Oranje/Glover street block.

In the meantime the Neighbourhood Watch was activated. Members kept their distance and patiently maintained a solid perimeter until the moment when the power cables in Marula Street were cut. They moved in and caught three suspects almost immediately. The other two suspects did some wall-jumping but to no avail – they were apprehended after about 30 minutes, after which all the suspects got a free ride up the hill to the Lyttelton police station. This was a great combined effort by the Neighbourhood Watch (31 respondents), an armed response company and the SAPS. Congratulations to all those involved.

Have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab6gf7Izc_I

A tip for this week.

Place all your credit cards (and any other important cards) onto a scanner and scan directly to a printer. On the printout write down any important information that appears on the back of the cards, including the phone number for reporting lost or stolen cards. Store the document in a secure place.


The DNW team