Most authorities on policing will tell you that the most effective way to reduce crime is to have feet on the ground, i.e. policemen patrolling, or as the Brits say: “Bobbies on the beat”.  Others talk about taking back our streets.  This means we need to get out there and be seen with our radios; and better still with our DNW reflective vests or DNW signage on our vehicles. This way those with criminal intent realise that we are there and mean business.

To put deed to the word or as it is more commonly said, ‘sit daad by die woord’, we will be holding two mass visible patrols this month.  The first is planned for 9 September 2015 from 11:00 till 13:00.   The other is planned for 17 September 2015, this time from 17:00 to 19:00.  We are expecting as many people to participate as possible.  We meet at the starting time outside the New Fatima Café, corner of Sonja and Glover Ave. 

If you do take part, please affix the DNW signs to the outside of your vehicle and wear a DNW reflective vest.  If you do not have one, reply to this news bulletin and you will be put in touch with someone who can supply the items at a very reasonable price.

If you are serious about crime – be part of the action!



Last week we again had gate motors stolen or tampered with.  We all thought that the previous wave of gate motors being stolen was a once off.  However, it now appears to be a regular occurrence as the thieves seem to move around the suburbs.

Residents can prevent their gate motors being stolen by fitting a secure bracket over the motor.  These are available from many security supply firms, even here in Doringkloof.

In addition to the above, you can prevent the theft of your motor by preventing the gate from being opened.   Checks showed that in most cases one of the thieves appeared to have jumped over the wall or palisade fence and then opened the motor cover, thus activating the over-ride switch and allowing the gate to open or just dislodging the gear in order to open the gate.  The motor is then removed and the thieves just walk out to the waiting car. 

As a resident there are a few other things one can do in addition to or instead of the security bracket over the motor.  One is to physically lock the gate at night with a strong tamper proof lock. (Remember to remove the lock before operating the remote to open the gate.)  Another is to ensure that the ratchet gear cannot be forced from the round gear.  You do this by welding a strip of metal across the top of the racket gear to the gate itself.  (Also make sure that the gate cannot be lifted off the rail – this is the most common shortcoming in security.) Lastly, get an alarm fitted that sounds the moment any unauthorised person opens the gate.  This devise is also available from local security companies.

Best of all, if you hear dogs barking during the early morning hours, get up and check whether someone is not stealing gate motors in your street.   When checking, take you radio with you and call the moment you can confirm the theft.  Once you call expect the area to swarm with guys out to catch the criminals.

DNW Team