What a week – the DNW arrested more criminals than we had crime. 
Firstly – the DNW were instrumental in catching three criminals who were observed attempting to burgle a house in Lyttelton but when observed, sped off in their Tazz.  Members of the DNW then positioned themselves and as the vehicle approached Doringkloof, they chased after it.   Together with others they managed to stop them and arrest the would-be thieves.   This just goes to show the value of observation and reporting timeously on the radio.
Secondly – fraudsters were trying to steal money from Pick n Pay in Doringkloof.   As the call came in over the radio members of the DNW mobilised and after some excellent team work the culprits were caught.   Again the radio proved its worth.
What is also magnificent is the cooperation between neighbourhood watches.   It certainly sends out a message.   Our heartiest congrats to those involved. 
The only crime in Doringkloof this past week was the robbery at the corner of Maroela with Jean Ave, possibly a mugging.      Then there is the on-going theft from vehicles around the Doringkloof Laerskool.     Residents are warned to be careful whenever parked outside the school, even if you are just ‘popping-in’ for a second or two.    Thieves will already have targeted your vehicle by the time you step away and as you enter the school property they are just about ready to leave with your laptop.  When stopping at the school, look out for the guard and possible loiterers.  If both not near each other, be suspicious.
Quite some time ago the DNW members who responded to calls at night asked that we restrict all radio messages between 20:00 (08:00 pm) till 06:00 (06:00 am) to crime-related activities only.  The reason for this is that most people want their sleep, especially those who respond to crime at night, and have their radios on full at night.   None of us want to be woken up by calls that do not affect us and especially non-crime calls. 
So this means that if your dogs go on a walk-about outside your property during the stipulated times, you cannot call it on the radio.  You will have to wait till six o’clock in the morning.  However, you are free to phone your neighbours and friends and ask them to help look for them.   So too with water problems and electricity outages (unless it is cable theft).   So, for all our sleep sake, let’s all stick to the policy.  Thanks for your cooperation in this regard.