The DNW is in desperate need to update our records – and this means every resident’s name, street address and contact details.

There are many reasons why we need this, the most important being that we need to know how to contact you in an emergency.  We may know the address where we suspect a criminal may be lurking, but we will not be able to contact you if they are in your erf, unless we have your details.  We cannot enter your property without your permission.

We therefore appeal to all our residents to send an email to giving us your name, your street address, your email address and contact phone number (preferably your cell number).

Lastly, please do us a favour and talk to your neighbours on both sides of your home, as well as across the road, and ask them also to send in their details.  Let’s see whether we can cover the whole of Doringkloof!




The DNW has a good track record of arresting criminals.  If we are to continue with this we need your cooperation!

The recent robbery in Tugela Avenue gave us much to think about – especially where we can improve our performance and catch the criminals. Here are a few pointers where we ask all residents to take note:

1.    Audible house alarms are a good way to scare off criminals.  However, if these alarms go off regularly as false alarms, people ignore them and they cease being a deterrent both for you and those living around you.   Fix your alarm now and make sure that it operates properly.

2.    Please do not think that Whatsapp or Zello are a substitute for the radio.  If you call in any emergency on either of these two, all you are doing is delaying any response as your message, as your message will have to be repeated over and over again until those who are listening out on the radio can respond correctly. By this time the suspects are miles away!   Do the right thing, get a radio and call it in on the radio – first time!

3.    As a member of the DNW you are encouraged to respond to any emergency called in on the radio.  BUT – please do not rush to the scene. Rather go to the nearest corner of the block around the incident, closest to you.  Await there for further instructions.  

4.    Also, please do not enter the property where the incident is taking place.  You may be challenged by one of the suspects (with possible fatal results), while also contaminating the crime scene.

NOTE: – The DNW has a group of residents who have been trained and authorised to enter any private property, so there is no need for you to do so and place yourself in danger.

5.    The DNW standard operating procedure (SOP) is that as soon as possible, a trained on-site coordinator will direct operations.  Whatever you do, please do not do your own thing but act in accordance with the on-site coordinator.  Only by systematic action can we achieve success and arrest criminals.

6.    Radio discipline is of vital importance, especially in an emergency.  Unless you are contributing to the solution of the problem, stay off the air and just listen.  If you must speak, keep your transmission short; keep your message to the facts only and spare everyone any opinions.



Doringkloof is experiencing a drastic increase in both drug dealings in our streets as well as drunkenness.  In order to address these two problems properly we ask all residents to please call such observed behaviour in on the radio so that the coordinator on duty can record the fact.  We then use this information to plan ways to reduce this anti-social behaviour.

When reporting in, please give the coordinator the place and numbers involved and if vehicles, a description of the vehicles, plus its registration number.

Thanks once more,

DNW Team