This past week has been a particularly bad week as far as crime goes.  We had one attempted burglary during the day in Tugela Ave and three incidents where criminals entered properties and stole items.  All occurred during the early hours of the morning!!  The critical period seems to be from 02:00 to 04:00.


The habit of intruders entering properties at night is an ever increasing trend lately.  This could be attributed to drug addicts looking for something to sell in order to feed their addiction.  The massive unemployment plaguing our country could be another contributory factor.   One can be certain that most late night pedestrians walking our streets are looking for opportunities where they can jump walls/fences and steal.




1.)    Do not ignore any unexplained noises such a thump which could be an intruder jumping into your garden, or dogs barking for no apparent reason.  Hadedas calling at night is a dead give away that something is amiss.  If you become aware that something is just not right, get up and investigate.  Take your radio and peer out of your windows to see whether you can see an intruder.  But, please, do not switch on your inside lights.  It is not necessary for you to go out.  Once you confirm the intruder’s presence – call in on the radio, giving your address and a description of the suspect. 


Notice: If, during the early hours of the morning, you notice any person walking in the streets, call this in as well!   The question we should be asking is why are people walking around during the grave yard shift?


2.)    When the call comes through on the radio that a suspect has been spotted, residents are asked to support the DNW (and the victims) by going out and securing the block surrounding the location of the intrusion.  Do not go to the address given but head to the nearest street corner of the block and keep a lookout there.  All you are required to do is to look along the streets, especially along the wall/fences, for any suspects possibly fleeing the scene of their crime.  (Only those who have been trained by the SAPS will go to the scene itself.)  Furthermore, listen for the on-site coordinator who will get the show on the road.  Once the suspects have been apprehended the on-site coordinator will call everyone involved to attend a debriefing so that we can improve our future performance.


The on-duty coordinators are requested to call out the relevant streets once the call confirming the suspect has been made and the location indicated.   This will allow those responding to go to the closest street corner.  (Also, let’s not clutter the airwaves with unnecessary transmissions).  




DNW Team


P.S.  Report, via the radio or to, if you observe a drug deal taking place in Doringkloof.  Due to the complex nature of combatting this illegal trade, there is very little we as a neighbourhood watch can do.   But, we can supply the SAPS with the details that will allow them to stop the drug scourge that is destroying our society.