While catching a criminal is the ultimate deterrent in reducing crime, the DNW’s has unfortunately caught very few criminals in our recent past. Moreover, in many of those cases where we did arrest a suspect, the SAPS would often release him on the grounds that no direct link could be made between the suspect and the crime. Just being in the vicinity of a crime incident does not mean the suspect was involved. You need to catch the suspect in the act.

On the other hand, overseas research, as well as local experience, has shown that visible patrols have a definite effect on crime.   When law enforcement officers are visible it would appear as if criminals tend to move away, possibly due to the fear of being caught.

If we, as the Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch, are going to have an impact on crime in our suburb we need to become more active in patrolling our suburb.

Indeed, in all the years we have never been able to catch any burglars, our most serious crime!   So we need to change tactics! The answer therefore lies in active visible patrols.

This means us – the residents of Doringkloof – all of us.    

Not just a few, we all need to get involved in patrolling. (Sitting at a window is fine if we are looking for a specific vehicle, but not OK if we want the potential criminal to become aware that we are out there looking for him.)


What the DNW is planning is to have a roster available and to allow residents to volunteer to do visible patrolling (with DNW signage on your vehicle and wearing a reflective vest) when it best suits them. This means both men and women!

We thus ask that you contact the patrol coordinator, informing when you are available and for how long. (We hope to establish an email address where you can register your willingness to make Doringkloof safe). Then when you are scheduled, you (and preferable with a partner) commence your patrol, calling the duty patroller as you go on patrol. Remember to have your signage on your vehicle.

Should you come across a suspicious person you can possibly ask him or her whether you can help them. Of just follow them. In fact if you are really nervous you can ask for backup and other residents will come out and support you. You are not alone. There is no need to act the Rambo, just be positive but polite when interacting with the public. The secret is to keep in touch with the coordinator.

If you do not have signage for your vehicle you can obtain this from Chris Angles. (Check the webpage for details.)   Carry you ID book with you while on patrol.

However, remember, you do not have the authority to pull a vehicle off the road – but you are allowed to follow him as he drives around the suburb. The suspect vehicle will soon get the message that he is being followed.

THE DNW is relying on you – together let’s make Doringkloof the best and most secure suburb in Centurion.


Please send a mail to if you are willing to participate.