Confidential data:  Lately there has been a rash of requests from individuals for data relating to Doringkloof residents.  These residents have given us their details such as phone numbers, addresses and email addresses to assist the DNW in preventing crime. 

The DNW wishes to assure all our residents that we will never disclose your personal details to anyone not authorised to have such information. 

Indeed, the only persons who have access to your details are the coordinators and the person responsible for the upkeep of the data.

Please send an urgent email to should you at any time feel that the integrity of the data base has been compromised.  Any leak must be stopped immediately.


SOCIAL MEDIA:  We have lately become increasingly aware of comments made via social media regarding how the DNW works and even sometime as to how it should operate.  Here are some useful points to take note of:

Borders of DoringkloofWhen the DNW was started we agreed that the specific borders of Doringkloof would be the area enclosed by the N1 highway, Botha Ave and Limpopo/Leonie Streets.  This would be the area that we as DNW would take responsibility for. 

The reason for defining the borders was to ensure we all knew what we were talking about when we speak of securing Doringkloof.   Another reason was that we did not want to find ourselves sucked into being responsible for an area outside the borders of Doringkloof, i.e. where do we eventually stop?


Relationship with Lyttelton Ex11 (South):  From the above, the argument went that should the folk in Lyttelton South want to join us, we would cover an area too big to be effective, and that they should simply, like us, organise their own neighbourhood watch.  While this did not really happen, the question is posed; if the good people of Lyttelton South are not interested in organising themselves, why should the DNW provide them with a free ride?


N.B. From the beginning the DNW has always been and still is a community project where we voluntarily give of our time and effort to secure our own neighbourhood.  In those areas where the residents are not prepared to personally make their area secure – we suggest that they contract a security company to look after their security (with whatever success that may bring).


The way we do things:  Since we started the DNW we in Doringkloof have always had an elected committee who steered the DNW.  This committee, the Doringkloof Residents Association (DRA or DIV) committee then also had various sub-committees manned by volunteers who directed specific aspects affecting us all. 

The two important committees are the Civic Affairs Committee that deals with civic matters and the Crime Prevention Committee that plans activities related to crime prevention.

In any organisation the size of the DNW there will always be members who will have different ideas as to how we should run the organisation.  This is to be expected!    However, it is vital that we all pull together with security being such an important issue. 

If you have a bright idea or suggestion that will make Doringkloof a safer place to live and work in, why not get in touch with either Marcus (Cell: 083 306-1771) for crime prevention or Chris (Cell:  083 235 7401) for Civic Affairs and share your concern with them.  This way we can ensure we all pull together.


Communication:  Just a quick reminder that the radio with the repeater is the only way we communicate with each other to prevent crime.   We decided on the radio specifically as any message regarding fighting crime is instantaneously relayed to everyone.  While Zello does provide a similar service, we must either all be on Zello or all on the radio, but not on both.  Important messages get lost if we try to use both.  For the time being, we will stay with the radio – until a decision is made by a majority of DNW members at a DRA General Meeting.  Zello users are therefore urged to go over to the radio if you want to be part of the DNW.

Finally, those who are part of a Whatsapp group must know that this is just a chat channel. Please do not use Whatsapp (or Zello for that matter) to communicate any crime related issues that need urgent attention. 

Firstly, not everyone is in your group – so the majority never get the message and you will possibly only get a fraction of residents reacting to a crime,   Secondly, valuable time is lost while the message is transposed onto the radio. 

As a DNW member – please use the radio for all crime related messages.  

(Note: There are specific Whatsapp groups with specific members that are used for specific purposes.  The use of Whatsapp by these groups is solely to build cohesion.)


DNW Team