Hi Doringkloof Residents,
A respected resident of Doringkloof, Georgie George is doing a research project with the University of Pretoria and the United Nations Development Programme.   The project involves researching waste management practices and he would like to use Doringkloof as a sample for data gathering.
The purpose of the research is to understand the behaviour of households towards recycling and specifically the interactions between the residents and the informal waste pickers. The reason for using Doringkloof is to understand all the dynamics of a "closed community" environment, specifically:
  • Role of a residents association in encouraging/discouraging certain behaviour.
  • Role of the local retailers’ shopping centres.
  • Role of the individual households in the recycling process.
  • Role of the waste pickers.
So far Georgie has been watching how the informal recycling sector in our neighbourhood has been increasing over a number of years and has began doing some informal research. If left unmanaged, the situation could lead to a literal war on waste as people fight to get hold of recycling materials. We have seen the recent issue of the truck collecting the Ronnie bags from the pavements. 
A more "formal" or structured process could help stimulate the local economies and ultimately assist poorer people and ultimately reduce the impact to the environment.
To assist Georgie in his research would you download the online questionnaire at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13_PZtdu1gRB1Hpngm96yfqj6OHngZNK4kGa1Ak3h47M/viewform?usp=send_formand complete it for his project to be a success.  The outcome of the study would also contribute to his masters degree, while it would also assist with some of the work he is doing in the least developed countries in Africa.
Please note too that if you see someone with a clip board walking around, talking to waste pickers and peering into a bin, this could be Georgie doing research.  Call it in on the radio by all means – this will alert the rest of us to what Georgie is doing and to get involved.
Please do not forget to fill in the questionaire!
DNW Team
P.S.  The DNW does not place any messages with a commercial content in the weekly bulletin.  However, the DNW regards Georgie’s project as a benefit accruing to the community and without any monetary value attached.