📢DNW Community Crime Update📢
Muggings: In last week we have seen two muggings of pedestrians. The victims are confronted by 1 bm traveling (as a passenger) in a light-colored (white/grey) Polo/hatchback. He may ask a question, causing the victim/s to pause. The suspect then gets out of the car and demands cell phones. A knife has been used to threaten victims.
These criminals are cruising for victims. We urge the community to be vigilant when walking in the street. Do not carry your cellphone openly. Be cautious when approached by strangers in cars. Report immediately by radio if you spot such suspects cruising our area.

Cable and metal theft: We have had several incidents of cable and metal theft lately. Cable theft happens at night. Please raise the alarm for suspicious activity from 10 pm onwards.

Please report any suspicious persons & activity immediately on the radio, so we can respond quickly, and stop these criminals in their tracks!

DNW Team