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13 May 2022

Tips on how to secure your home against intruders

❗️ Perimeter
➡️An electric fence or wall can be a solid deterrence. If it’s a wall, it helps to reinforce it with barbed wire or spikes on top otherwise burglars will be able to easily access the property.
➡️Having visibility on the perimeter of your home is essential. Install CCTV cameras as soon as you can.
➡️Certain smart technologies enable you to monitor your perimeter from remote locations.

❗️ Gates
➡️Burglars can lift the gate to gain access to the property. You can prevent this by securing the gate with an anti-lift/ theft bracket.
➡️The gate rack on sliding gates can be forced away from the gate (usually with a crowbar) allowing it to be opened. You can prevent this by welding a flat bar onto the rack to prevent it from being moved.
➡️Burglars can press intercoms to see if the home is occupied. Certain smart technologies enable you to connect your intercom system to your smartphone so that you’ll know if someone has pressed the intercom button.
➡️Ensure you are using a modern gate remote with up-to-date technology as older remotes can be copied, or the settings replicated.

❗️ Windows
➡️Burglar bars are essential and should be robust.

❗️ Doors
➡️Main doors must be made of durable material and reinforced, preferably with multi-point locks that can lock the door at several points.

❗️ Dogs
➡️ Dogs are one of the most effective security measures as they provide an early warning system. Inspect when they bark.

❗️ Alarm System
➡️Alarms and security sensors are amongst the most effective burglar repellents.
➡️an armed response company should install an alarm. It is important to test it regularly and keep it maintained.

❗️ Know the enemy
➡️Do your best to inform yourself about how burglars operate. Seek advice from Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch
➡️Low-level thieves will usually only target homes with no security measures in place thus being a soft target.
➡️Professional burglars tend to operate in groups (4 and more) and are keenly aware of security response times and will usually spend time surveying properties before commencing with their burglary attempt.

❗️ Factors to consider
➡️ Wealth – victims can be targeted because burglars know that there will be valuables in the house.
➡️ Inside Information – as mentioned above burglars prefer to target homes where information has been received.
➡️ Proximity – burglars prefer to target homes within 10 to 30 minutes of driving distance.
➡️ Low Security – homes with substandard security will naturally be an easier target.

❗️ Lastly and most important
➡️ Buy a community radio from New Fatima Cafe in Sonja Street. R650 includes a radio license for one year. The yearly renewal is R50. You will also receive R100 back when you attend online radio training – please send an email with your contact details to training@doringkloof.net
➡️ Always have your radio on and charged.
➡️Take it with you when you go to the shops or for a walk around our leafy suburb.
➡️ Always call suspicious behavior over the radio to enable the Doringkloof Neighborhood Watch Patrollers and Radio Coordinators to respond immediately and activate the community by raising alarm.
➡️It is a small sacrifice with lots of advantages including your safety.

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