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HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS: 2018 / 2019 Email 1 Email 2 Email 3
DRA Chairman Iaan van Niekerk 0828511546
DRA Vice Chairman Graham Oosterlaak 0825653425 
Doringkloof Residents Association
Civic Affairs / Special Projects Bernice Swanepoel 0826982010 
Compliance Pieter van Oudtshoorn 0765064603
PR, Communications & Marketing Jessica Viljoen 0721244200 
Business Forum / Liaison with others Iaan van Niekerk 0828511546
Secretary / Administration Petro Jansen 0748884727 
Finance Janet Els 0834450932
Community Care Mariaan Sieberhagen 0829405193
Sport & Recreational Ilani Erasmus 0813788008
Doringkloof Neighbourhood Watch
Crime Prevention Graham Oosterlaak 0825653425
Radio Coordinators and Administration Chris Angles 0832357401
Strategic Advisor Russell Marshall
MinuteMen Dirk Oosthuizen 0828882206
CPF Advisor Frikkie Feyt 0829087196
Patrollers Sharon Connor 0828530480
PR, Communications & Marketing Jessica Viljoen 0721244200 
Finance Janet Els 0834450932
Report any crime related matters to
Please send your contact detail to – form available under Downloads Section.
To obtain a Radio: Enquire at New Fatima Cafe in Sonja Street, Zak or Frank will be able to assist.
If you are interested in radio training, please contact
Email policy
We set up the DKN email lists to be able to communicate with persons in certain roles, so that we can make sure they have essential information to “do their jobs”.
Here are the following email lists (reviewed this week) currently active at, and their purposes:
1)      Civics (i.e. – for communicating with the elected civic affairs portfolio committee. This committee deal with our basic infrastructure and liaise with Metro & councillors to secure this. Roads/traffic, water, electricity, streetlights,  refuse, sewerage,  town planning and development approvals are included in their scope).
2)      Crime – for reporting All incidents of crime/suspects/threats (derived from Any source) and shift-reports from the coordinators on duty. This email comprises DIV members, Coordinators, Minutemen and additional opinion leaders in the community.
3)      Data – for new residents contact details and all update of contact information on residents’ contact database.
4)      DIV – for communication to all elected leaders of resident association. Suggestion & complaints also welcome here.
5)      FODS – for communication to all elected leaders of Friends Of Doringkloof Spruit. This includes Nature conservation folk.
6)      Care – For communication with regards new residents, trauma related issues, prayer assistance.
7)      News – For communication with Editors of the Doringkloof Community News email (not crime incidents!), and  newsworthy information for our area. Also for feedback from the community newsletter to the Editors.
8)      Training – Enquiry, bookings, registration/cancellation of householder radio training sessions. These emails go to the training coordinator (i.e. Jessica Viljoen).
9)     Sport – to find out more on sport related matters, daily walks and fun runs
10)   Business – For the Doringkloof Business Forum – all business related activities.
Please apply the following principles before you send anything to any of the Doringkloof email lists or  “reply all” to an email list:
The folks on these lists “signed up” for a specific purpose only.  This is our social contract with them. If we don’t apply these principles, we’ll all be flooded with emails and delete stuff we should be reading!
This is happening on the radio (annoyed people are deleting transmissions in real time).
1)      No adverts, jokes, racist, sex, politics or religion. “Spamming” will get you permanently deleted by some folk.
2)      Please don’t send “non-essential” emails over these lists. Is the information you are sending essential and appropriate to all those on this email list, for them to do their Role in Doringkloof? If it is only essential to a few, then only send it to those few.
3)      Has the information you are sending been verified? If not, don’t send. Rather forward to DIV who can decide what to do with it.
4)      Is this information relevant locally? If not, don’t send.
5)      Don’t send stuff from a newspaper. We don’t need to replicate it.